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Cefn Lea

Cefn Lea is a is a week conference, that took place in beautiful countryside of Wales. 

It was a place for people to come apart from their day-to-day schedules and rest.

Taking in nature, socialising and learning from various healthy living workshops, morning led-exercises, evening services, and eating tasty plant-based meals. 

The workshops that took place was:

  • The Impact of adverse childhood experiences on mental health

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Identifying the cause of disease 

  • Cooking in the home (cooking demos)

  • Detox and Therapies 

  • Establishing a successful ministry 

  • The 7 deadly stressors 

Cefn Lea - 2024
Book your place and join us next year!

Pastor Andre Crawford - Speaker
Katya Gitan - Artist (ArtInspiredbyGod)
Cefn Lea 2024 Poster
Pastor Sam Davis - Speaker

Cefn Lea Testimonials 

We interviewed the delegates that attended Cefn Lea as well as a few of the main speakers to get their intake of their time and personal experience here. We hope this will encourage you to come to our next year's event, and other events that are taking place leading up. 

A special thank you to those who attended, and who were willing to be interviewed

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